What is UTOPIA?
UTOPIA is a non-governmental, non-profit organization dedicated to abolishing all types of social discrepancies through specialized projects and programs that rely on voluntary work, in hopes of acquiring social justice among people within the same society regardless of their political or religious beliefs.

UTOPIA’s purpose is to inspire a culture of civic awareness in the Tripolitan society to make the change we aim at achieving.

Areas of Development
UTOPIA works on bridging the gap between people within the same society through projects and initiatives in the following areas:
1) Social development
2) Economic development
3) Educational  & civic development
4) Cultural  & intellectual development
5) Healthcare improvement
6) Environmental improvement

UTOPIA relies heavily on voluntary work for achieving its mission. UTOPIA’s volunteers are the backbone of the organization and they come from all the walks of life: they include professionals as well as enthusiastic school and university students. These dedicated individuals have taken on the mission of raising civic awareness and igniting a spirit of change among the Tripolitan society. They would share their professional experience, know-how and skills with citizens in Tripoli and give them practical training to succeed.



Proven Success
Today with less than a year of operation, UTOPIA has organized several seminars in the underprivileged areas of Tripoli on issues such as drugs addiction, public and personal hygiene, cancer and diabetes awareness, language learning sessions, as well as many camps and activities for children. Moreover, UTOPIA has been successfully leading two projects in Tripoli: an environmental project called RECYCLERS which targets schools and restaurants in Tripoli and its suburbs, and a youth project called Tripoli Youth Empowerment in Bab Al Tabbaneh, Jabal Mohsen, and Daher Al Magher.
UTOPIA’s effectiveness has been stated in testimonials of volunteers and professionals and in reports from partners and beneficiaries.

A Brief History
In 2010, a group of enthusiastic social activists got together and came up with the idea of organizing a civic campaign aimed at raising public awareness and advocating for citizens’ rights in Tripoli away from political organizations and parties. With limited financial and human resources, the campaign organized few activities mostly for children and youth in the underprivileged areas of Tripoli. After two years of operation, the small campaign became an officially registered NGO at the Ministry of Interior, with the name UTOPIA.

Organization Overview
UTOPIA currently has one main office located in Tripoli, and a total of 10 Board Members operating its daily activities and operations. UTOPIA is a flat hierarchy organization with a general consultant, a secretary-general and project managers.

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